Month: November 2021

I’ve Found My Screenshot Tool

I mentioned that I am playing around in Setapp which is loaded with utilities for the Mac. I’m always looking for good screen capture apps. The built-in Mac app is quite good at screen capture, but there are times when you want just a bit more control, or even capture a quick bit of video. Well, hello CleanShot X, which is included in Setapp. Great control features such as hiding desktop icons, wallpaper behind screenshots (or not), turn off/on shadow, great annotation features like a smart numbering system. Just really impressed so far.


For the uninitiated, Setapp is a subscription service for Mac apps – kind of a Netflix for handy Mac programs. You pay a monthly fee – from $9.99 to $14.99 – to get access to over 200 apps. There are also iOS apps available in the non-basic subscription. I’ll be checking it out over the free 7 day trial, but I did some calculations of how much each app by itself would cost vs. the monthly Setapp subscription and it looks like it makes sense. We’ll see. Cancel anytime!

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