Here’s a quick tip if you long for the columns of a TweetDeck-like interface for Mastodon.

In the right column of your Mastodon Home screen, click on Preferences (with the “gear” icon).

Mastodon default

On your Preferences page, check the box labeled “Enable advanced web interface”. Then be sure to click the button to “Save changes”.

Mastodon advanced

Next you can configure your columns. You can pin/unpin columns, and change the right-most column to things like DMs, #Explore, etc.

Mastodon columns
I’ve explored some Mac apps that function like TweetDeck but haven’t really found anything good. I’m going to try Mast (spending a whopping $3) and see how it compares. It’s Mac only though. By the way, I’m using TweetBot for Twitter and I have loved it. Maybe they’ll support Mastodon someday.