Here’s a list of ideas/thoughts I’ve been working on, not necessarily in any particular order, that I hope properly summarizes what my thinking is in these tumultuous times:

  • Here’s an easy one – Current polling shows that if you are deeply concerned about another Trump presidency, and you vote for Joe Biden, Joe will win!
  • Let’s not forget that Biden is being accused of being the boss of a “crime family”
  • There is the famous “Biden “chip on his shoulders’” for “not getting the respect that he deserves” – maybe it’s because he’s not getting the respect that he deserves
  • Joe Biden lovingly adores his wife, who is consistently on the campaign trail with him
  • If only we had a system where, at a moments notice, someone capable of running the country could fill in or even take over the Presidency?
  • Kamala Harris would make a great first woman President
  • Did I mention that Kamala Harris could take over at a moment’s notice?
  • Criticisms large and small have been pouring in non-stop for two weeks now. Can we not all agree that none of them equals the existential threat that is another Donald Trump administration
  • We need to keep in mind that ultimately we are electing a Presidential Administration. Can you even imagine the Trump version of a new administration?
  • What has been Biden’s lowest point? The debate? Yeah, it was bad. Afghanistan? Trump would have done the same thing. Inflation? It was a high of 7% right after Trump left and it’s down to 3.3% as of May 2024 (July’s rate will be announced 7/11/24), and salaries are rising faster than inflation. Immigration? You saying Trump’s approach was better? Biden’s worst days have been better than Trump’s best.
  • Biden ’20 administration highlights – stock market all-time highs, job growth, infrastructure, affordable health care, lowering drug prices, narrowing inequality gap, supporting a women’s right to choose, renewable/green energy – Google “Biden’s Accomplishments” (and even skip past the WhiteHouse list if you want)
  • Oh and Dear Media – report on Project 2025 and TELL PEOPLE WHAT’S IN IT!
  • If you’ve gotten this far, please make this statement unequivocally – “I will 100% vote for the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.” If you can’t do that, then AT LEAST vote in November for every Democrat U.S. House and Senate candidate so that if the worst happens, there will be at least one check remaining in the separation of powers within our quite fragile government.

Thanks for reading.

“Joe Biden” flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license