UPDATE – So it looks like a big nevermind! After all was said about this plugin adding the “rel=me” stuff, I regret to say I see no evidence of it. I’ll keep diving/swimming…

A problem that has been vexing me for a while is getting a WordPress “blog” as a verified link in my Mastodon profile. Today I finally took a little deeper dive in my still shallow pool of Mastodon/Federated/IndieWeb knowledge and understanding.

Installing the WordPress IndieWeb plugin automagically added the “rel=me” to my Microblog site link so that I could add it to the list of verified sites in my profile. Previous to this, trying to add the rel=me to the main page through widgets and menus had failed.

Hat tip to Tantek for the push to dive deeper into #RelMeAuth. Hope this helps others who are trying to do the same.