The Digital Student Kitbag contains everything you need to know from day one, as well as additional tips and resources to take you well beyond the basics. It includes useful information about tools and resources, along with learning activities (i.e. tasks) to help you develop key skills and the right mindset to make the most of your studies.

Even if you don’t end up building something, when you think outside the box, it becomes possible for any professor in any discipline to build a good online class that won’t leave your students feeling cheated in any way.

Source: Apples and oranges. – More or Less Bunk

Infuse 6.1 is now available, and includes some great new features. Plex collections Our friends using Plex can now join in the fun by accessing Collections. Collections are sets of related videos which are automatically grouped together under a single item. These can be found while browsing the ‘All Movies’ and ‘Collections’ sections in the library.

Source: Infuse 6.1 – Collections & more | Firecore

What are the best feature length films shot on an iPhone or other smartphone? The list is getting longer find out the best ones made so far

Source: Best Feature Films Shot on an iPhone (or smartphone) – Mobile Motion

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